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Perseverance, Life and Death in the Subarctic

I'm thrilled to announce that a book I've been working on for four years is ready to pre-order.  It's called Perseverance, Life and Death in the Subarctic.  This is the story of a 1,000-mile solo journey through the remote Canadian North. On that six-week pilgrimage to the Barren Lands of Nunavut after a kidney transplant.  On that journey  I faced down bears, dodged forest fires, endured storms, and crossed the uninhabited tundra completely on my own.  A single mistake would have meant death and yet I've never felt more alive.

My name is Stephan Kesting, and I'm a firefighter and an adventurer.  I have spent much of my life learning how to perform in high-pressure and high-risk situations.  In this book, I  also share how to be more effective in high-stress situations, hold onto hope in the darkest moments, and overcome any obstacle.

Perseverance, by Stephan Kesting

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As soon as I get back from my next adventure up north I'll email everyone who pre-ordered and we'll set up a time for big outdoor adventure Q&A.  We can talk expedition planning, solo trips, dealing with bears, gear selection, whatever!

I can't wait to meet you.

Stephan Kesting