Dispatches from the Outdoors

Do you get restless when you spend too much time indoors?  Do you start looking at maps, reading about routes, and dreaming of adventures? I totally understand and want to help you with your next escape to the outdoors.

Here’s some reading to help you with your wilderness wanderlust…

Recent Articles

Open Canoe Roll

The Open Canoe Roll

Rolling practice… It’s been 20 years since I last rolled a small whitewater canoe equipped with a saddle, thigh straps, and airbags, so I headed

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Does Expired Bear Spray Still Work?

A few years ago I pulled off the highway onto a deserted logging road and pulled out an old container

What Causes River to Meander?

What causes a river to meander and cause a series of curving channels across the landscape?

Camino de Santiago by Bike, the Coastal Portuguese

PORTUGUESE COASTAL CAMINO OVERVIEW The Camino de Santiago is a thousand-year-old pilgrimage network all over Europe which converges on the

Bark, Skin and Dugout – The Three Types

Canoes are universal. After all, anywhere that there is open water it’s probably useful to have an open-topped craft that


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