Dispatches from the Outdoors

Do you get restless when you spend too much time indoors?  Do you start looking at maps, reading about routes, and dreaming of adventures? I totally understand and want to help you with your next escape to the outdoors.

Here’s some reading to help you with your wilderness wanderlust…

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Running a waterfall - type 2 fun

Type 1, 2 and 3 Fun

Type 1, 2 and 3 Fun Not all fun is created equal. Sometimes the word ‘fun’ really does mean that something is fun, and sometimes

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Your Number One Tip to Stay Safe in

Adam Shoalts is an accomplished Canadian explorer with many big expeditions under his belt. He’s been a guest on my

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After years of refining the recipe I think it’s time to publicly share ‘Power Oatmeal’… On a recent trip to

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Lessons repeat themselves until learned… The first time I had a boat float away on me was on the Missinaibi

Wilderness Knots: The Two Simplest Ways to Tie

The clove hitch is an important knot commonly used way to fasten a rope to an object. It’s quick knot


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