Why Lighting a Fire with Gasoline Usually Doesn’t Work (nd How to Do It Safely)

How to light a fire with gasoline more safely

Lighting a fire with gasoline or other flammable liquids like kerosene or white gas can be incredibly dangerous since the explosive fumes extend out well past the actual liquid. This can potentially engulf you in a fireball when you try to ignite the fire.

The worst case scenario occurs if you’ve previously tried to light the fire with gasoline and the fire burned low – adding more gasoline at this point can cause a huge flareup since the remaining embers are potent ignition sources.

Furthermore just pouring gasoline over a bunch of logs is not usually very effective, since the fire burns out too quickly to light larger pieces of wood on fire. In this video we’ll also we cover a technique to use gasoline and other flammable liquids to safely light a campfire.

0:00 Demonstration of lighting a fire with gasoline and why most people do this wrong
1:10 How to light a fire somewhat more safely using a flammable liquid