Raingear for Canoe Expeditions

Adam Shoalts on Wet Weather Gear for Canoeing

In this video I chatted with Canadian explorer Adam about rain and cold weather gear for expedition canoeing…

Adam normally goes super minimalist, but hypothermia is certainly something to worry about. He had hypothermia a lot while doing shoestring expeditions on a budget in his 20’s and he’s not had hypothermia since then because he has better quality clothing and gear. Something as simple as a merino wool base layer really diminishes the chances you’ll have hypothermia in summer canoeing because it’s so effective by keeping you warm even when you’re wet.

For ascending rapids in the summer Adam usually just wears regular summer wading shoes to protect his feet from sharp rocks, and walks through the water and get wet. He uses movement to stay warm, and feels this approach helps him be more agile through the rapids compared to wearing bulky neoprene or other waterproof systems.

When he’s done wading he just takes off his wading shoes, gets back into his canoe and changes into dry clothing. This works well during the warmer parts of the year; earlier and later in the year the temperatures would be far too cold to do this.

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