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An explorer's number one tip for wilderness safety

Your Number One Tip to Stay Safe in the Outdoors

Adam Shoalts is an accomplished Canadian explorer with many big expeditions under his belt. He’s been a guest on my podcast (The Strenuous Life Podcast) multiple times, always with new, amazing stories. In our most recent conversation he explained how mindset and mentality are MUCH much more important than gear for staying safe in the […]

Power Oatmeal for Camping

Power Oatmeal for Camping

After years of refining the recipe I think it’s time to publicly share ‘Power Oatmeal’… On a recent trip to the Nahanni we ate this on 10 out 12 mornings and never got bored of it. And as soon as we got back we made some more for home use. I prefer eating it with […]

Always do this when you're canoeing

Why You Should ALWAYS Tie Up Your Canoe

Lessons repeat themselves until learned… The first time I had a boat float away on me was on the Missinaibi River in Ontario. I had just portaged the boat down a muddy trail through the forest and arrived at the bottom of a rapid. I dropped the 16 foot Prospector into the water with just […]

Two Simplest Ways to Tie a Clove Hitch

Wilderness Knots: The Two Simplest Ways to Tie a Clove Hitch

The clove hitch is an important knot commonly used way to fasten a rope to an object. It’s quick knot to tie and is easily undone. It’s used in two different scenarios; it’s the same knot although you tie it in different ways…. Where you can tie the knot first and then slip it over […]

How to Tie a Bowline Knot

Wilderness Knots: How to Tie the Basic Bowline

The bowline is one of the most essential knots for camping, canoeing, kayaking, and living in the wilderness. I think the ‘rabbit and tree’ method is the simplest way to learn this knot, and this method consists of 4 steps… Make a loop a foot or two near the end of the rope to form […]

Running a waterfall - type 2 fun

Type 1, 2 and 3 Fun

Type 1, 2 and 3 Fun Not all fun is created equal. Sometimes the word ‘fun’ really does mean that something is fun, and sometimes it means the very opposite. It was the mountain climbing community that first started using the terms Type 1 Type 2 and Type 3 fun to describe their adventures. These […]

Widgeon Creek Paddle and Hike

Your Guide to Widgeon Creek, a Paddle and Hike Adventure only 1 Hour from Vancouver, BC

A description of the route to Widgeon Falls which combines a paddle through the idyllic Widgeon Slough wetlands and then a hike through a beautiful forest until you get to a waterfall cascading over polished bedrock.

Square Sail for Canoe Catamaran

The Evolution of the Canoe Sail

The first sail I ever built was an army jacket held up by two paddles and a stick. The two paddles were jammed in place between the bags and the bow seat, then held in place by a rope that looped from the center thwart to the top corner of the sail and then down […]

Thrill of the Paddle, Paul Mason

Canoeing Lessons Every Paddler Should Know, with Paul Mason

I was honored to speak to Paul Mason, son of the legendary Bill Mason and an icon of canoeing in his own right, on my podcast. Some of the topics we discussed included… Hazards for Paddlers, including foot entrapments, strainers, high water conditions, cold water conditions, and the two times in a paddler’s career when […]

Efficient Paddle Stroke for Canoe Tripping

How to Find Your Most Powerful & Efficient Stroke for Canoe Tripping

In my paddling career I’ve spent a ton of time paddling into headwinds and crossing gigantic lakes, stroke after endless stroke. And that’s given me a ton of time to think about and experiment with different paddle strokes, trying to find the one that maximised power and minimised fatigue. This video summarises my findings about […]