Will It Burn: Pringle Chips and Steel Wool?

Can you light a fire with steel wool and pringle chips?

Any good campfire requires tinder, a fine and easy-to-light material that can then be used to light kindling which in turn is used to light larger pieces of wood.

Good tinder can be hard to find, especially in a rain-soaked landscape where everything is soaking wet. So it’s important to know about alternative tinder options.

It might surprise you, but fine 000 or 0000 grade steel wool can burn if exposed to flame or heated with a 9 volt battery. Steel wool burns when the iron content oxidizes in the atmosphere, just as if it were rusting but at a much faster rate.

The video below shows how steel wool can be used as a tinder to ignite another emergency tinger and kindling substitute: pringle chips. Check it out…